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By Anonymous
Dunno, kill him, see what happens, and report. lol
By Anonymous
The rarest thibg on the station, his pinky fingers...probably.
By Anonymous
you can't hit him... so nothing:/
By Anonymous
Arisen Palace Breach is actually called "Tram Station"
By Anonymous
He has a fire in Acrology that he sits at when you kill the Celestial on the bridge there but haven’t found a way to get to him. Maybe just story? He is always watching.
By Anonymous
So far, he seems to be the only human you'll encounter on your journey. Look at his pinky fingers. Everyone else has a second opposable thumb instead, like the player character.
By MakoRain
After moving to observatory-- Answer: It's just chaos.

He replies: Chaos... chaos offers opportunity, but not for very long. You can wield the fire, use it to destroy or create. What will you do with all your power? Create more chaos, or establish order?
By Anonymous
I must have messed up the dialogue in arisen dominion because he never gave me Sanity Puppet
By Anonymous
What language is he speaking?
By Anonymous
In Arisen Dominion, when he ask: "Do you think we'll ever make it back home?"
My answer was: "This is my home."
He said: "That's what I thought. But my claim remains."
"You've come from far away. And that's where you'll go in the end."
"Perhaps I'll meet you there someday."

Dialog got exhausted and got no doll or anything from it.
(found the doll before in the park tho)