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this is hands down the worst designed boss in the game. Deceptively large model with an inaccurate hitbox. Do not try attacking him from the back with a dagger, it will never hit even if you are inside his *******
Hit and run. Youre welcome.
Same issue for me. Trying to backstab while stuck to his back consistently misses.
The camera effect when you get hit by it is just so damn cool. I wish there would be an option to turn this effect on the whole time.
Can this guy eat you like the small ones?
Only in the first phase, after that he uses his temper tantrum attack instead.
The person who called this boss "easy" in this wiki should do the world a favor and stop posting *******.
But, he is easy. Just burn it with fire (Induction) or "parry" his attacks
What version of the game is this information? "Easy" my *** ? This boss 2 shots me, and literrally does 4 hits big AOE in a row, not even enough stamina to run or dodge out of this.