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now I don't have to miss out on fighting sword saint if I want to fight is shin ashina :D
Prettty sure you only unlock them when using the memory of that battle. Without fighting Isshin, I think it will stay locked.
Now I can fight Genichiro more than 3 times in a single playthough
I wonder if you still gain xp or if it's just practice?
Only practice. You don't gain or lose anything.
how to unlock gauntlets? i dont see the option.


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Answer here :

Does dying in the Reflections of Strength contribute to dragonrot? I can't find the answer to this anywhere.
no it does not
No :)
Is this mode reseted in new game plus?
The bosses appear to be harder then when they were first fought. Gyoubu is literally one **** me with almost every move. Can anyone confirm?
they have upped damage
they have upped damage and your attack power is set to whatever it would normally be during the gyoubu fight.



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We need Mist Noble for Reflections of Strength
I would be curious to know how many players completed those gauntlets charmless and demon bell. That's very difficult. The inner versions of the boss are so much more difficult than the actual NG+7 game.