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Jesus Christ how many stones are they ?
God bless demon's souls
Jesus f***ing Christ... I've got a headache from all of these stuffs
Does the weapon upgrade level affect invasions or summons?
Obviously the alchemists discovered plain old titanite much later than the age of Boletaria, which would make the lives of blacksmiths and warriors much easier.
This is Demon’s Souls. There is no connection to Dark Souls.
Is poison and bleed still worthless?



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It depends on whether it’s pvp or pve, but in general I wouldn’t worry about upgrading poison and bleed much unless you plan on harassing the crap out of people, which is admittedly fun.
Does the increased base stats improve the "special" or "boss" upgraded weapons? If starting at +6 vs +10 is there a stat boost to the final upgraded weapon?
The answer to both questions is no.
What about shade? I don't see it on here.
Dark is Shade.
As someone who hasn't ever played Demon's Souls and is planning their first playthrough, I would like to know if the player can:

1. upgrade a weapon to +1 or +2 before applying the crushing/sharp infusion? Or does the weapon have to be at +0?

2. If the weapon can be upgraded then does the game reset the +1 or +2 weapon back down to +0 after the infusion?

Thanks in advance
Most weapons require any +3 weapon, then you speak with Ed at the Smith in Grounds to upgrade it with whichever enchantment you want. Once you upgrade it will reset to +0. Boss souls can only be used on +7 weapons.