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By Anonymous
Do you play your games for fun or to challenge your self or to play with friends, just think and remember why you play them.
By Anonymous
I have trouble with the combat sometimes but when you beat a boss or tough enemy you get that feel of accomplishing something while if there were dificulty modifiers you wouldn't have that same feeling of accomplishment, doing something you couldn't before feels good so if you took that away why would you do it then. I just want to let people think about it and why they play there games.
By Anonymous
Best Fromsoft game
By Anonymous
Fix ng + bug
By Anonymous
One of the best FromSoftware games ever!
By gayweedlord
tied with all of the other fromsoft games for best game ever
By Anonymous
Worst FromSoft game
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
Why is every comment here disliked? what happened?
By Anonymous
Someone must’ve died to Mist Noble one too many times
By Anonymous