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SAS BH temple what? Can anyone explain where to find this item exactly?
This is not simple ...
In the first area, from the first rift, go upstairs on the corridor with the knights (it is a shortcul that needs to be opened)
On the right wall behind the pillars there is a secret passage (action button near the wall) that leads to a secret area.
On bottom of that secret area there is exit to space. You will have to run until founding a area without oxygen, but with freeze and radiation (run & jump puzzle).
But the door will be open only when the clock is gold (round part).
On the last area there are four zombies with guns, un and pick up or be cautious.


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It might be possible to reach temple area without a space suit as the distance is not great, with omnicube heater and antirads, can someone test this please?
I managed to reach it without antirads or the omnicube module, but you need to be quick or you’ll just die of radiation, you’ll also get 1 shotted by the enemies in there (unless you have really good damage/rad resistance)
Better or worse than the nihl variant?
Here's a video guide to get the catalyst. This is not my video, but as you can see you can get it from the start without any items. I just did it with a fresh char too. Keep in mind the secret door is locked by default, so you need to be there at a specific time shown in the video.