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By Anonymous
What a challenge this was. I hate fighting Shara. I fought this guy three times to get enough tickets. First two times I did this quest I only got one ticket each even with lucky vouchers used. Third time I did it, I didn’t use a voucher since I only needed one more. Wouldn’t you know? I GOT FOUR! Would have been great if I got that much the first time, GAME!
By Anonymous
lucky vouchers just double the zenny you get, it does nothing for loot drops.
By Anonymous
^ Incorrect. It says in the item description in game as well as the wiki page and other sources online that they do indeed have an effect on rewards earned. Increases the amount of items you get, but does not affect the % drop rates of specific items.
By Anonymous
Welcome to monster hunter
By Anonymous
Seems like this one is thougher than the normal one, sort of tempered one
By Anonymous
This was helpful, I'm literally about to take this quest, not for the innerwear tickets, but for the materials on this ugly ****er. I need that goddamn "Infinite Wisdom" glaive.
By Anonymous
For the first phase grab a light bow gun, weaken the face and shoot it with Pierce 3 then for phase 2 switch to a light breaker sns, weaken it's tail and stick to damaging it's hind legs.
I Killed this particular one with 35 minutes remaining.

No blast armor/weapon skills were used and no blast jewels were used and no weapon augments were applied either.
Amount of carts=0