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update the wiki plz



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We're working on it. Game just came out. You can help by hitting "edit" on top right
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I am doing my best
this is soo dark souls
so blank


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I've pretty much nailed down the embassy other than the arisen dominion and temple, but have found no info here. Is anyone able to contribute? I'd love to help the community out, as the soulsborne games are my all time passion! ^,,^
This game really needs more attention from the community


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Couldn t agree more. I enjoy this game a lot.
Love this game! It's the speed of Bloodborne, and got the clunkiness of Dark Souls. Gotta love it.
I think the difficulty level is a little lower than the Dark Souls series, but the fun of finding items, creating weapons and armor, and exploring the world is just too great for words. I've found a very good game!