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By Anonymous
But does it stacks with itself? Can you have two rings at the same time?
By Anonymous
You can't equip two of the same ring.
By Anonymous
Why not five, one for each finger
By Anonymous
Is it worth it?
By Anonymous
I noticed if I have it equipped and talisman of god. I get a red halo, anyone know how or why?
By Anonymous
I tried different combinations. Human vs soul didnt seem to matter either. No icon shows up under health bar.
By SerpentWave
Hmm interesting, that must be a debuff of sorts (perhaps?). Either way I don’t remember that i. the original, so might be new to the remake
By Anonymous
It's just one of the visual effects you get from equipping different buffs. However, only like 1 or 2 will show up at a time, so it depends on what other gear you have that contain a visual effect, as they may conflict.
By Anonymous
Does it work on bosses?

I killed a boss while wearing it and i did not notice a boost in souls.
By Anonymous
Only works with regular enemies or NPC fights, not with actual bosses.
By Anonymous
Your avarice knows no bounds does it , wretch?
By Anonymous
In ps3 version, it seems enemies become hyper aware of my location when wearing this ring. Am I imagining this?
By Anonymous
I bought it cos I didn't know you could get it later... waste of time I guess
By Anonymous
And money
By Anonymous
It seems there is a bug where it doesn't work if you also have the providential ring equipped.
By Anonymous
Ring of Avarice does work on bosses. As well as the Silver Bracelet.

Tested on Maneater: 13880 + 20% + 10% = 18321
By Anonymous
Ring Of Avarice + Silver Bracelet really works on boss, I tried on storm king ng+52