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By Anonymous
Basically Havel's armour set. ****ing. Awesome.
By Anonymous
With the correct amulet, this armor totals to 700 and 20 resistance of all types across the board. This set alone at 700 armor is still not enough to reduce incoming melee and range attacks in nightmare mode. This armor is ultra heavy and the maximum the game can provide
By Anonymous
Akari is still king of nightmare mode
By Anonymous
Looks a lot more like a Deadspace reference to me.
By Anonymous
Mix with pollux and castor ring and you can dodge roll like normal while wearing the set.
By Anonymous
This isn't exactly true, you can dodge roll like you're only wearing Heavy armor, which means its slower and worse, but still a roll and the recovery isn't nearly as bad.
By Anonymous
Twisted idol feels better, as it reduces 25 encumbrance by a single item, also buffing 30% of the armor effectiveness. Combining twisted idol and the two rings can reduce 50 encumbrance and make the Leto's set falls into the medium-weight category.
By Anonymous
Why would you want to roll...
By Bluhman
Then if you put Twisted Idol on top of THAT, then you can medium roll.
By Anonymous
Mixing this armor with the unclean ring and other % melee damage buffs, the flop can hit for over 2800 Base damage. The damage seems to scale multiplicatively with Melee damage and the level of the armor. For max damage: full set of +20 armor, Heart of Darkness, Stone of Balance, Unclean ring, Melee damage trait, Song of Swords, and a teammate with Elder armor.

Note: You must be over 76 armor weight to flop. You no NOT need to have the full set on. The chest and boots will do with most other helms.
By Anonymous
But there is a Tank build, that can me archieved. Having the Restriction Cord+Vengeance Idol with the Unclean Ring, gives only 50% max health but you always have the 50% Bonus Damage Reduction from the 3 Piece-Setbonus+ a constant 30% Damage from the Idol.
Im near 4k Flop Damage XD
By Anonymous
Theres a stronger melee build than what you described. And it doesnt require other people eating hearts all day
By Anonymous
This set will nerfed so quick. They made it way to strong...
By Anonymous
Mixed with the twisted idol and the alchemist jewel and the bright steel ring and you are almost unkillable with the fastest roll in game.
By Anonymous
Mixed with Razorwire Necklace (or Mender's Charm), Bloodletter's Insignia & Amber Moonstone (or Blood Font) and a Weapon/Mod to inflict blood on enemys you are almost unkillable and no need to dodge-roll (Just run around the boss) (also works on apocalypse).
By Anonymous
Yup! Twisted Idol, Alchemist, Bright Steel... you can heal without being staggered, and it takes forever to be killed.
By Anonymous
Oh hey that’s a pretty cool armor se-*looks at bonus name* don’t say it, Don’t say it, DON’T SAY IT. DON’T. SAY. IT
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Imagine having to roll in order to stay alive. Hilarious.
-Leto gang
By Anonymous
Why did that one person downvoted you? Lol