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By Anonymous
Does minor lifesteal stack per enemy? So if I hit 5 enemies do I get 5 simultaneous stacks of lifesteal - for a total of 3000 lifesteal per second? I assume this is not the case since it sounds pretty strong, but asking anyway. Thanks.
By Anonymous
You get the healing lets say 600 but every 1 second no matter how many enemies you damage. But this 600 heal is given to all allies in range.
By Anonymous
Worthless set, the 5-th set ability is the same as resto staff ability (Force Siphon/Siphon Spirit - single target) or Blood/Sanguine Altar from Undaunted, even better due to aoe heals. I use the latter on a healer and with ca 45% increase to healing done, the heal from Sanguine Altar is ca 980 / tick. As supporting skill still good, but I'd like this ability to heal for more.