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Does anyone know what our starting equipment will be? So far the game is being wonderfully faithful to the rulebook, so does that mean I'll be able to buy my starting equipment (unlikely given where we're starting, but regardless). I only ask as I want to play my Dex fighter, and want (need!) a rapier (as well as light armor and a Fancy Hat™). Thank You.
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Rapiers seem to be available as drops pretty soon after the initial tutorial level
As is, you can get a rapier just after the starting area if that helps?
Does anybody know if there will be claw or cesti weapons in BG3? That would be a great addition for the monk class
There is no monk class yet - so no.
Here's hoping there will be a Holy Avenger ingame that paladins can obtain (maybe through a quest or something). Unless such weapons no longer exist in 5th edition (I only played AD&D 2nd edition). :)



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Too powerful for adventures under lv10. If you played BG1, the best you can get are +2 I remember.
@StrategyGamePlayer: Yeah, I meant more in general so that paladin characters would be able to get one at some point when the full game is released. :)


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I'm not sure if it is a different sword, but d&d 5E has a paladin sword called the defender
I just got the "Sickle of Booaal". Is there anywhere I can post it to, in order to give more information about it?



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It's a wiki. You can do it by your own. If you don't know, let us know where did you find it. Or can you post an image of his description?
No info about Sussur weapons.
They are plus one variant in blue text, they also apply silence on hit but silence doesn't work in EA and there's no text on the weapon stating they would do so.


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I think they are just +1 Variants, for now. EA may change in the future
I got the great club off of the minotaur which isnt on the list, it does 2d12 dmg!
could you explain how? step by step as if I were a 5year old child xD
Step 1: Get to the Under dark Mycanoid village
Step 2: Kill both minotaurs
step 3: Get glut from the mycanoid village
Step 4: have Glut cast animate dead on minotaur and return to camp.
Step 5: You now have a pet minotaur have him throw his stick/greatclub 2d12 onto the ground
Step 6: Pick up the big stick
Dragon's grasp needs to be added. buy it from Arron in the druids grove



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Can u post it? My Arron dont have it, lol
Sussur weapons add silence to target they hit...confirmed for the dagger at least