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isn't the pale king in the white palace his actual body?
I think it's unsure, cause the white palace is just a dream when you visit it. Some think he hid his entire palace inside the memory of the Kingsmould, others that what you see is just the memory the Kingsmould has of the palace, and that the king disappeared along with his castle. Depends on what you want to believe, I think there isn't a solid answer.
He sealed the radiance in the dream realm, and we don’t know the power limits of wyrms, so I think he took the entire white palace into the dream realm (just imagine the white palace without b u z z s a w s)
this guy ****s
how could the pale king NOT be pale?
Thats right, everyone suffered cos the pale king was a **** and had to kill the moth queen who was ruling over hallownest without problems, ofc the moth queen is a prick for making the plague but the piece of **** pale king who isnt even pale couldve left her to be the ruler

The Pale King was desperate, and was probably stressed. You can't really blame him. He didn't have the right resources and he probably couldn't think of anything else to stop the infection. I know what he did was wrong, but at least he was trying. We all make mistakes.
I just came here for the dialogue so I could make a drawing and I made the Hollow Knight look like he was in so much pain this drawing broke my heart ;w;
I think it’s just sad.....I mean:
No cost too great.

No mind to think.

No will to break.

No voice to cry suffering.

Born of God and Void.

You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams.

You are the Vessel.

You are the Hollow Knight.