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By Anonymous
NG++, PBWT, Providiential Ring and Luck lvl 20. Been farming for 2 hours and I'm getting shards and Uchigatanas.... Has any good soul got one Pure Bladestone to spare?
By Anonymous
give me ur psn id, i will give u one :)
By Anonymous
can u give me one to please
By Anonymous
anyone can spare one?? ive been farming for ages i cant get one...

my psn is sergio_bigsmoke
By Anonymous
I have pure bladstone and chunks I need to dup i just need a duping buddy. Give me a message if interested psn is RustTillDusk
By Anonymous
Hey are you still have the pure bladstone
By Anonymous
Should update the icon. The remakes version looks ugly but more accurate as it actually has sharp edges and the original image looks like a block of soap
By Anonymous
Just got one after farming for 3 hours let's gooooo
By Anonymous
I got a pure Bladestone from a Black Skeleton in 4-1 as well today. Might be worth it to update.
By Anonymous
I got the same today, Pure Bladestone off of red eye skele in 4-1. Definitely seems worth a wiki update if possible.
By Anonymous
Was this PS3 or PS5?
By Anonymous
I dont understand how people have such a hard time finding these. I just finished a first cycle on a new save and i got 2 of them without doing any farming.
By Anonymous
May I ask what your world tendency was?
By Anonymous
full of sh!t.
By Anonymous
"""epic""" burn
By Anonymous
I farmed the B.Skelet 4-2 (after illu.wall) 30+ times and the 4-2 (before adjudicator) 100+ times .. got 0 pure stone. Pureblack tendency, NG+, sword+ring with item discovery bonus. It's really a pain to spend more time on this farm than cleaning the entire map.
By Anonymous
Raising item discovery decreases chances of getting PBS by prioritising the more common drops
By Anonymous
buy deluxe edition and you will get ring related to pure bladestone... or like me farm it for hours w/o end in sight.. This thing should not be counted to achievement, it's B2W.
By Anonymous
If you’re a cop-out and paid into the cash grab “deluxe” edition...you’re ****. In the game, in life, in most likely everything.
By Anonymous
That’s actually false. Why make up fake information? You basically sound mad that you didn’t buy the Deluxe Edition, which by the way only really has armor sets that aren’t even that good. The ring doesn’t increase your chances of getting pure bladestone. You’re making up fake info to create fake concern, like a lot of you weird internet nerds do.
By Anonymous
To the anon above me, he's talking about getting the ring instead of having to trade for it with the crow.

man, all that angst and not even accurate. Weird internet nerd, indeed.
By Anonymous
does anyone have one to spare please.
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