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Got my butt whopped
Sooooo hard trying it next Saturday since I can't play on weekdays and why is he so hard?? Also I'm Mr 48 with like 900 defense
So for the special assignment only, does Alatreon always start in fire?
Add to conditions for quest, Need to complete Safi Recon or wont pop up.
I can't unlock blazing black twilight!!! I've done all assignments, optional quest, special assignments, talked to all Npcs. I'm at MR 217
U probs just a noob then idk lol get good
Ignore the other moron. I do know, that you have to complete the Safijiiva siege. Not the recon, but the whole siege.
In response to the only other intelligent response to this comment, I actually haven't finished the safi'jiva siege, only the recon, yet I have this unlocked. Just putting it out there, the commenter might have found a bug or missed an ! npc.
A bit late, but you unlock Alatreon after the Safi cutscene. The 3rd fleet commander shows up in Seliana.
So much non-sense here, the third answer above is correct.
I only completed the SAFI'JIVA RECON(Not the siege !), and the third fleet commander showed up with the quest.
You start this quest already in the arena with Alatreon. If you haven't got a party and you need an SOS you'll need to time it otherwise he'll kill you when you use the flare. Why the mission is designed this way is beyond me.
Agree, this was dumb af