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By Anonymous
I have killed both large and small beetles around the abandoned throne numerous adventure re-roles. I'll usually kill 20-30, and then move on. I've done this at least 12-15 re-rolls. I STILL haven't seen the Queen Beetle yet.
By Anonymous
Update: I finally got it. I just continuously killed bugs for about 4-5 minutes.
By Anonymous
got one after like 70+ kills
By Anonymous
Got one in adventure mode, still shooting lol
By Anonymous
It can take a while so don't give up Storm collar helps if you can't find the mini beetles that tend to blend in. But sometimes it can take a lot of beetle kills before the blue one spawns
By Anonymous
Just keep popping them, it shows up eventually. Make sure you stay topped off tho, the queen can get away if your not fast enough.
By Anonymous
12 minutes
114 Big ones
56 Small ones
But it spawned eventually
By Anonymous
can it spawn more than once when it escaped?
By Anonymous
I missed it. And have reset and killed sooo many beetles and no go for 40 min. Think it's a one and done...
By Anonymous
I believe you need to restart the adventure. I missed her, and traveled to ward 13 and back to reset the area. Killed another ~150 and no dice.
By Anonymous
I am 99% certain it only spawns once per playthrough. Got it to spawn and didn't realize it wasn't a boss fight so I wasted time using abilities and never killed it. I then shot every beetle with my smg and assault rifle 1 bullet at a time until I ran out of ammo. Never respawned. Feels bad. Don't miss.
By Anonymous
The idea is to kill 5 within 10 seconds. enjoy