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By Anonymous
Could use some improvement. If I have the power I want to use them. No just in boss battles, not if "certain conditions" are met. Always. That's what they are there for after all.
By Anonymous
RNG based summoning worked for FF XV because they were such over the top battle enders, but in a 7 remake it's incredibly annoying. It's bad enough they censored Tifa, even worse that they messed with the plot, they should have let us summon at will.
By Predatory_Hybrid
They didn't mess with the plot at all, this isn't the same game, it's a spin-off in an alternate time-line and universe. The game is as how it was intended, if you want the original plot go play the original, if you want free summons go play XV. Complaining is not only pointless but it won't change a thing in the game no matter how much you want the devs to do so.
By Anonymous
Are there more summons possible in the next parts?