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such a stupid overly complicated system
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No, you
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If the devs were aware enough that we would want to change the inclinations (because that multiple choice question is massively stupid to start with) and allowed it with Rift Crystals from the start = We SHOULD have just been allowed to PICK the exact inclinations we want [A tertiary one that we can't even see is also not smartly programmed] WITH full explanations of exactly what the hell they do beforehand, and NEVER have it change for any reason.

Learning beast and quest knowledge is fine and fair enough. That should be all that was counted to their ability to learn. AI is hard enough to program correctly (and for the love of god - never mind the pawn chatter option; just let me in the knowledge chair ONE TIME!!! tell the bastard to shut the **** up. Not have them say I'll work on it, and two seconds after you leave the pawn guild they go right back to yapping like it didn't even enter their thick little head.

* Fully agree with the commentor that said this was a stupidly overly complicated system. I would further supply so was the Beloved system...