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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Once happened to me that i was left with empty health bar but still survived. Any idea how much health it was ? 1-2 ? I was really lucky haha
some games say your still alive at exactly 0 health, so maybe it was like that?
I know you can go to a stat screen to see your numerical health, I like to check when that sorta thing happens to me (and I’m not still fighting for my life)
I don't see it here but I feel it's worth mentioning that the max health you can have (99 vitality + ring of favor and protection + mask of the mother + tiny being's ring) is 2,565 hp.
He's correct, is 2565.
1900 + 35%*1900 = 2565.
I have a character with 99 vitality, and I've noticed something odd lately (since I leveled it that high) that occasionally (about 10-15% of the time) when I take a hit, I simply don't take damage on the bar. Nothing else is boosting my health, just the vitality.


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As stated in the notes of this page, at 99 vitality your life bar cannot display the entirety of your health. Once you'll suffer a certain amount of damage, you will see your bar dropping again.