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My brother and I used to play this game all the time. Then we got seperated when my father died and my uncle took my brother to Missouri with him and I had to live with my grandma because I wasn't out of school yet. We kinda lost touch...
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Wait, I'm from Missouri. I was separated from MY brother when my dad died and had to live with my uncle. Brother?
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stay strong brother... we are brothers because we face the harshness of life... i feel for you... and by the way... i am your uncle ;D
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Pyrokinetic + Witchcraft sims reasonable?
Debuffsfire resistances, burning (20%), lower Resistances (20%), Avatar of Frost (-25%), all novice skills, of course Drain Willpower + Soulsap are there as well...
Oath Of Desecration + Melee Power Stance if you are holding melee weapon, or a Ranged Power Stance and spamming poison arrows for explosions.
Scoundrel skills Winged Feet and such are nice for elemental affinity and Self-Immolation.
With high int Magical Poison Dart cooldown make it great utility.
Possible resistances buffs, Elemental Tortoise stance (lvl 9 character, 40% all res, need a shield), Avatar of Fire (25%), Self-Immolation (25%), with Demon Talent additional 15% and you are over 100% (there is also Absorb the Elements but that is lvl 3 skill).