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The Last of Us 2 Review: An Honest Review of Naughty Dog's latest title. How is the story? Is the game worth it? How is the gameplay and how long is the game? All the answers within.

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This is a very fair review of the game. Its nothing special, lacks game play innovation and the story is forgettable, and it is not fun, its just draining.



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Wow, that last paragraph really does say all ya need to know. Like itmo said, this is a very fair review.
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Well said.


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Well said, Cas. I agree with most points throughout your review. Loved watching you play and look forward to future games as well


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I think Fextralife's Youtube channel is one of the best, and certainly the most professional video game channel there is. I love their guides and their reviews. Their wiki is insanely useful and complete (I did dramatically better at Divinity Original Sin II, Pathfinder Kingmaker and Mount & Blade II thanks to it). ACG is another guy and channel I respect a lot but... This passage however--> "this review will not be taking into account any perceived agenda by Naughty Dog, whether real or imagined" denotes a policy that some channels like Fextralife and ACG have. And I don't think it is a sustainable one. A few years ago I didn't care about agendas or forced archetypes or developers trying to force their vision of the world upon me. It wasn't an issue back then. But today... I see as entertainment franchises that I used to love (Star Wars, Terminator, Ghostbusters, etc.) are being hijacked and utterly destroyed by the all consuming mob of you-know-who and this is also happening in the videogame industry.

Unfortunately in this day and age I do care about whether or not developers are pushing an agenda in their games... A LOT. I just don't want their agendas in my games. They DO bring the fun to zero for me... it simply trounces whatever marvelous gameplay and graphics the game might have to offer. Of course I want to know about Graphics, gameplay and "a bit a bout the story" and "sound, music and voice". But right now I also want to know if there is an agenda... I also want to know if there are feminist or woke undertones, I also want to know if there are any modern day identity politics at play. I don't think reviews and reviewers can avoid addressing these issues for much longer. Sure, I want to know about genre, similar games, graphics, gameplay, story, etc... but I also want to know if I'm going to be force-fed the developers vision of the "new world".
To this review's credit however, by reading the whole thing, you can draw your own conclusions about whether or not there is an agenda being pushed (there is, make no mistake about it). And that final paragraph is very much indeed all I need to know.
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Well put. Now I k is where to look before buying cyberpunk. Wish I could get my money back on this preordered pile of garbage


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I am a Sony fanboy, through and through. That said, I cannot help but cringe at the PlayStation fansites which all somehow give this game a unanimous ten. A flawless masterpiece. A timeless classic. ND's best game yet.

There is nothing classic or timeless about this game, and ten years from now no one will be talking about it.
you guys are are stupid it not a bad story it just controversial like game of thrones. controversy fun.
Great review, I agree with pretty much everything I read. It is also commendable that you chose to keep your integrity while writing this review.
One of the greatest aspects of the first game and perhaps the most important was the story, it's sad that the sequel to such an amazing game like The Last Of Us disappointed in that category. I personally feel that some plot points weren't necessarily bad, but the execution was beyond poor.