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Githyanki Waifu
Give me a Yuan-ti pureblood waifu too Larian
I wonder if she was made attractive (relatively speaking) on purpose or by accident?
I think they made Githyanki less exotic overall to make face mapping them from motion actors easier.
She can die on the nautilus, which makes her unavailable later in the game
I killed her off, she's kind a **** and kept telling me to screw people over.
shes hot wtf keep her
approval up when trying to calm down the boat near the vampire
She's missing on caged zone. When i go this area, Thieflings was dead and cage is broken. How can i find her ? still missing.
she died but you need to get there earlier if you want to keep her alive
She will show up at her next quest point, if you don’t know where that is just explore the whole map and you’ll find it.
Approval up when allowing her to speak to her githyanki brothers/sisters
Lae'zel disapproves if you succeed in the persuasion check to stop Kagha from imprisoning the child.