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By Anonymous
Peaceful outcome, not origin, human, lvl 14, Honour mode, got 125xp and 5 Blessed Feathers from Duna and 200xp from crafting it (if you are confused about crafting just buy all leather armour - easy to know since they have finesse requirement). Wanted to reload to know what xp I'd get from killing it, but Honour mode saves whenever it wants to.
By Anonymous
Info on this page may be incorrect: it says you must be level 14 for the peaceful dialogue option--I was able to complete the quest at level 13 using Fane to talk to her.
By Anonymous
I can't seem to continue this quest (this run I decided I would sell books instead of hoarding them, no idea where I sold the first book (probably still in Fort Joy)) is there an alternative book somewhere? Or is there a way to summon them without the first book?
By Anonymous
Nvm, user stupidity. I forgot to actually throw the meat unto the altar.
By Anonymous
Is there any benefit in fighting the Undertaker?

By just placing the infused meat on the altar & giving the right dialogue choices I got 5 blessed feathers and 125 xp.
By Anonymous
Oh, and 200 xp when I crafted the full armor set.
By Anonymous
you get 325xp for killing the boss and I dont know how much for each minions
but honestly, not worth it unless you really wanna fight it for fun
By Anonymous
Tip to beat her with lone wolf Ranger lv13 in tactician mode.
1: Teleport her to the beach. (She will just stand there till all her minion die the run back to the altar) 2: Clear her minions.
3: Sneak and wait for her to come back.
4: Buff and clear her physical armour with Arrow Spray and keep CC her with knock down until she die.
P/s: You can let one minion stay alive and snipe her when she stand still on the beach too.
By Anonymous
Best of luck fighting this thing if you don't have Amulet of the Deep or 100%+ air resistance.

The bird spams Superconductor and the rain will cover the arena in water so you'll be knee-deep in electrified water for most of the fight.
By Anonymous
The dialogue options for me were different using beast.

1. Select Beast option
2. Bow
3. Quietly ask for blessing
4. Save the souls of the fallen
By Anonymous
Duna's undertaking was at the Lady vengence in the ocean for me. Glitched for me. Can't complete this quest.
By Anonymous
I was able to get the Vulture armor set without fighting (and losing) at level 11 without Beast among my companions. Fane is my primary character and he was wearing the shapeshifter mask set to Dwarf. I also had to read both Dwarven custom books, an inference based on an earlier failed attempt to secure the feathers without reading the second book located in the Witch's hut. The successful effort also required the proper responses during the conversation with Duna's Undertaker with a few reloads of saves before I stumbled on the correct sequence (I didn't jot it down, so....)
By Anonymous
I used a Custom Human Male and selected the peaceful dialogue options at level 12. No Beast in party. Received the feathers peacefully. The lvl 14 requirement seems to be incorrect.
By Anonymous
Confirmed, (DE) I managed to select the peaceful dialogue and got the feathers at lvl 11. I had found & read both the first (Act I) and second Dwarven Customs book (Act II, witch's house) and followed the indicated dialogue choices.
By Anonymous
main: Sebille; no Beast in party