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By Anonymous
The cave is to the North-east of the beach not North-west.
By Anonymous
I found the captain on the cave behind the code you open with the passcode, after winning a persuasion check he just gave me the entire armor and left.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
There's any key to the last chest? I fought Captain Sech Zapor but it is still locked.
By Anonymous
guys my set isn't working i have all 3 pieces equipped but it doesn't charm enemies with no magic armor in the green vortex of chest piece effect, what should i do?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
They have to move in the effect radius for it to charm them
By Anonymous
Is there a universal code for that secret vault? Yes I destroyed the soul jar.
By Anonymous
The code can also be retrieved from the cursed chest you find on the beach. The soul jar is not needed.
By Anonymous
The chest you find buried. Can't open it. I didin't spec for thievery at all and now I'm stuck trying to get it open. I have done every possible fight on fort joy and can't seem to get enough xp for another civil point. There is also no option for me to pick it up and picklock it later, can I do something about it or do I have tp give up?
By Anonymous
If this does help try getting respec mirror bag in to your save and respec 1 char to pick pocket it. Mirror will apear in arena in fort joy to the right from ladder if you look towards battle arena
By Anonymous
Check all the merchants on the island for any gear that adds +1(or more) to thievery. I think you only need 2 to open the chest. merchants restock every hour i think. it should not be that hard to find at least 2 pieces of equipment with it.
also, if you dont wanna spend points on thievery in the future, just always keep equipment with thievery that you can equip temporarily whenever you wanna pick a lock or pickpocket
By Anonymous
Didn't try that, but i guess, if you go to his ship after freeing him, the game may consider he already retrieved his boots. Hence, you will just have to barter the set for the jar, or fight him in order to loot his body. All you will need is to open the door, which can't be interacted with before you actually freed him from the chest.
By Anonymous
Very fun fight with the captain inside his ship. Be careful if you have any glass cannon characters as he and his mates will try to charm/madden them immediately!
By Anonymous
U can also go to the chest first then u go to the cave, give him the jar and receive the full set OR kill him and get everything anyway. IDK about exp tho
By Anonymous
If Beast is in your party he has a special dialogue that lets you yell at the door in the secret cave until it opens.
By Anonymous
Thank you dude I couldn't find a way to get past it without this
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