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By Anonymous
You don't gain experience if you fight with the captain and his crew on his ship. If you end up having to fight him, make sure to do the Vault of Braccus Rex first and smash his soul jar. You can also negotiate with him if you have 1 Persuasion and his soul jar on you.
By Anonymous
really? no exp? but does the captaon drop the armor if you kill him in his ship?
By Anonymous
I can't interact with the Odd Skeletal Arm or the Stone Ring around the chest. I've cast Bless on the Stone Ring multiple times. It's as if both of these items are bugged out and not able to be interacted with.
By Chest-of-Death
The actual ring or the Magic Barrier.

As nothing will happen if you Bless a magic barrier.
By Anonymous
Destroying the soul jar after blessing the ring will kill Zapor in his ship. If you keep a character in the other room after starting the fight it will kill Zapor.
By Anonymous
I beat the captain inside the ship and he went unconscious and threatened to get me another time sort of. I still carry his soul jar, is there any point in holding on to it now for future encounters?
By Anonymous
i haven't finished Arx , until now ....no
By Anonymous
I use soul jars to replenish source in lieu of retiring to the font for rp reasons. Sure you could use the gift bag to recover on rest or use the teleport pyramids but the jars are great for rp a necromancer
By Anonymous
Armor looks good on Sebille.
By Anonymous
You must have 12 Wits to uncover the chest buried at X608, Y239
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I yanked the Odd Skeletal Arm, then picked it up. Oddly enough you can try and "Pick Lock" the arm. Does it have any reason to have that option lol? Tried it and it consumes lockpicks, but anything won't happen. It even prints the text "Character attempts to pick the lock of Odd Skeletal Arm" to the log. That's pretty odd.
By Anonymous
Need advice to beat the captain and crew. They are impossible for me on tactician. Finished the rest of the island but these guys are off the charts. Double the hp of all other mobs. Charm and maddening. Tried everything. Advice below about chars in other room does not work. Fighting in captains cave.
By Anonymous
Going to try tp behind mirror...
By Anonymous
pick poket the urn in his inventary, teleport other members, its a injust figth you need to tink outside the box.
By Anonymous
If you fight at the buried treasure instead, you can teleport the captain down next to the shriekers below. Teleport character needs to have Far Out Man though, I think
By Anonymous
Was playing as Fane. Chameleon cloak => hit Third Mate(the guy on teh left) from invis=> fight starts. Killed Third Mate using time warp/enrage. Then mage guy (on the right ) teleported me away . After that i had time to destroy Captain's armor chicken him , use some fortify scrolls and armour of Frost to block maddening if possible. Use Chameleon cloak again when its up wait till u have max AP, hit\adrenaline\enrage combo to kill captain. After that point its kinda ez.
By Anonymous
Just destroy or consume his soul jar
By Oakenn
shoot them with arrows from the area behind the tower, you can probably do it without even entering combat due to how far away it is
By Anonymous
I was struggling too, but you can tp one of them close to the seekers if you've saved Gareth and they will help you. Try repositioning there if you can
By Anonymous
I got the full set 2nd time I met him before I talked to him you interact with his soul jar and it makes him die with his full set.
By Anonymous
Been getting a bug where every time a character uses teleport to move an enemy within charm range, it tries to proc charm and then ends your turn even if you have AP left.
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