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the boots in that location is the place they are been looking there
boots are on the shady digger just looted them from there
I just finished this quest line, got the entire armor set, worn, and finished the quest line in the hall of echoes. Everything upgraded to level 20 except the gloves.
Same here. Wish the devs would fix this. :-(
Where do you find the chest piece?
Nevermind, guess I can’t read
can I get all the set if I missed the Devourers Claws and book on fort Joy? (i missed the quest acquiring basically)
No, only the rest of the set will be available to you
for some reason the gloves never got the "devourer's slumber" bit attached to it nor did it lv up to level 20 (did it myself manually with diamond dust), now even when wearing the full set it gives no benefits.
Can someone pls explain how to level up gear “manually with diamond dust”? I got the full set and get the set bonus of devourer’s slumber, but gloves are stuck at lvl 8. Only 28 PA, 4 MA, +1 STR, 5% crit. LAAAAAAME!!!
I had a similar issue with my chest piece issue. I managed to fix it by taking off the devourers armor, equip my old armor then equip the devourers and then enter the devourers dream. I have no clue what causes this issue or why this worked for me.
When going for the books in orrivands chamber it reveals that the boots are in the house not the gravediggers body
Where is the book i cannot find it in the chamber
To get the chest you need to go to Kemm's gardens and unlock the hatch by finding the hidden lever by the hand water pump by the waypoint. Once inside you need to deal with the patrols one way or another then head left and go through a hidden door. Once inside, there will be a cabinet with 3 buttons. The order is 2 3 2 1 1 3. It will appear inside the cabinet.
For me you needed to get the helm first then the chest because the spirits wouldn't appear until I got it.
A question about the Devourer armor healing ability. If you are an undead, do you take damage instead?
since it's passive it should restore health just as things like the necromancy passive and locust swarm do.