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By Anonymous
Not worth buying an incomplete party based RPG with not enough characters to make even one complete playthrough interesting. Make more. Do better Larian. You need to please the nostalgics too.
By Anonymous
Are you mental dumb or what's wrong with you? Do you actually think that there will be no more characters to play? Have you even seen the new trailer? I can count 8 companions, at least, and you can be sure there will be more. "Incomplete", you said? I say it's ignorance. You can't criticize something you know nothing about, so please shut the ***** up.
By Anonymous
what a dumb*****
By Anonymous
All these nerds cussing as if it'd make them tough.
Relax buddy, just because this guy has a different opinion, it doesn't mean you should get offended.
Doubt you two will even fight irl, so chill and sit down son.
By Anonymous
Don't like it, don't buy it. Anybody expecting a game to be the same as a game 15+ years old (because nostalgia) is gonna be disappointed anyways (even if they got their BG2 with better graphics, it will never get the same feeling). Thankfully reception for BG3 and Larian is overwhelmingly positive and the company is one of the few that can be trusted nowadays. But again, if you don't like it, stay away from it and move on.
By Anonymous
So with 5 companions but a max party size of 4, are we just going to have to pick one of these guys and say, "LOL, See ya!?"
By Anonymous
You're stupid if you think there are only going to be five companion characters.
By Anonymous
seems someone hasn't played dos2 before
By Anonymous
...Have you never played an RPG before?
By Anonymous
Guys he was just clarifying, no need to be rude to him!
By Anonymous
Hopefully when they add more companions they will consider introducing them throughout the course of the game. Finding new companions mid-game for example or even end-game give players something huge to look forward to as many other RPG's do including previously Baldurs Gates. I get having a full group of companions at the beginning makes sense from a game mechanic standpoint but it can easily become a little dull story wise if those are the only companions you get and if they are not complex enough to keep learning about them throughout the entirety of the game. Obviously its a lot of work but hopefully they will surprise us with optional new companion(s) every act.
By Anonymous
I agree, not every companion needs to be an origin companion. It's sort of Larians shtick and there are some fun aspects to it especially in terms of replayability. Yet it does destroy a certain charm of mystery and individuality that other rpg companions have as well as writes yourself into a corner plotwise. Imagine being allowed to play Solas in Dragon age that wouldnt work without giving away the plot and destroying his character.
By Anonymous
I share your opinion, in NWN2 one of the main factors for replay value was exploring the relatoinships and arcs of the significant amount of companions you could find during the game. Same thing with Dragon Age Origins, it is a great plot device and gives you the choice factor that is so important in role-playing games.
By Anonymous
Hopefully the party size is 5 or 6 at least, but it's probably going to stay as 4.

People say it'll make the game longer, but that's just two characters, it's not like it doubles the time people with short attention span have to wait. It actually give player about 30 seconds to a min more of their turn.

Plus this way, if we get more companions later they can join without the awkward, I'm kicking you off for someone else.
By Anonymous
Nothing confirmed, but I'd think all the companions (not followers) will be available from the early game. First considering how Larian has said multiple times (check last Update) that the tadpole is something in common with companions + you have to commit to your party at the end of the first act. I wouldn't mind (nor dislike) being wrong though.

As to party size someone mentioned, Larian has confirmed (which obviously could change, but I find it hard) that it's 4, though mods could easily increase it (I believe Swen said it on Dropped Frames 247), as the engine doesn't limit it to 4.
By Anonymous
Not everyone needs to be conflicted and complex. When everyone is that way the tone becomes monochromatic and boring. Give us some variety. This was my problem with Divinity.
By Anonymous
So complex means boring? Okay! Variety inevitably means *more boring* and monochromatic as the resources will be split on that many more characters. I'm happy with fewer characters, can only make room for 3 of them anyway (and I hate artificially swapping companions for the team) so Larian would have to go out of their way to make them boring. BG3 will have mercenaries (likely with more character than in DOS2 to reflect the added focus on "generic" characters), for variety.
By Anonymous
I know exactly what the poster is saying by "Not everyone needs to be conflicted and complex". I agree with them 100% It makes things seem artificial. Not ALL beings in reality [humans and fictional elves] have the severe challenging circumstances as these five companions. Sometimes going to any extreme can ruin a good thing. I compare this to the classic chat rooms of the historic internet where you would get that one person who spoke like they just read a dictionary yet no other person in the room could understand them or relate in any way.
By Anonymous
You sound like a boring dude, sorry. Complexity equals multilayered characters, and multilayered characters are ALWAYS better than boring *** one dimensional characters. Why are you even here? Go back to your comic books or something.
By Anonymous
Yeah Divinity is dope but the companions were annoying to bring along.
By Anonymous
where's all the waifus? come on
By Anonymous
Shadowheart might be a Viconia tbh
By Anonymous
Yeah, she's be Viconia is Viconia got smacked in the face with a frying pan. This is supposed to be fantasy, jesus.
By Anonymous
They all look great
By Anonymous
I like em
By Anonymous
Are there going to be any more companions?
By Anonymous
Larian has stated that more companions will be added in the course of EA. These 5 are the only ones revealed so far
By Anonymous
is this a joke, 5 companions? none of them really seem to entice me to play the game. i'm not seeing anything i'm liking so far in bg3.
By Anonymous
its not even early access, theres like up to 16 companipns planned for the final game i think
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