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Guys! Hells, what I’ve discovered!
I started another playthrough, and got 7 approvals of Astarion and 4 nights at the Camp so far, and A DIALOGUE with him, that I never had at my first playthrough! I wonder if I am alone in this?
The dialogue is very flirty: in fact, Astarion shows up that he has fallen in love with you. It starts when he talks about stars being especially bright tonight, and after - no spoilers.
So, why I am shocked: I didn’t see a single dream yet; I don’t know that he’s a vampire and anything about his background, but somehow I got this scene.
If it can help anyone, that’s what I did for approvals:
1. Deceived Tieflings and asked Lae’zel to say please to free her from the cage
2. Killed Gimblebok & gang near the ruins
3. Said Ethel about Tadpole in my head
4. Kicked the squirrel in the Druid Grove
5. Let Arka kill Sazza (+1) and then said Astarion that refugees are desperate (+1)
6. Chose decapitation in the Camp dialogue with him ( night 2)

Suppose, maybe the approval rate and the story point you are matter to get this dialogue?

you need to use the tadpole to get the dream for you not sure to talk to him about his,and you need to find the boar to get his vampire reveal
Are these all of the main companions we will see, I'm just wondering as the Devs seemed to be complaining about our lack of interesting choices in character creation yet there aren't any Drow, Tiefling, halfling or even dwarven companions, it is said that mercenaries will exist however that doesn't lead me to believe they will be interesting characters in there own right(however that assumption could be completely wrong).
Minthara the drow that wants to attack the druid place can become a companion if you side with her. I don't know why she isn't on this list actually.
Honestly I was surprised ShadowHeart was a cleric. I swore she had more of a rogue personality.. However I kinda like her Gale is snobby like the rest of them. I left Lae'zel in her cage. I mean after you help her get off the ship you would think she would be less nasty considering it was her inside a cage and not You. So I said okay she can rot..lol
You just lost so many good moments with Lae'zel, and she is ferocious in combat too. May be consider saving her in your next playthrough. All those companions are weird and flawed in some ways, which is exactly the most interesting part of playing a RPG. It is extremely rewarding when you open their hearts and complete all the companion quests.
That's because she's a cleric of Shar, the goddess of thieves: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Shar
Sit at a real DnD table and these companions don't seem near as edgy as most people's PCs. Circumstances often choose your party more than preferences.
kudos. tried few times Dnd with random people.... oh my GOD how many edgy people. Everyone has tragic story, evryone is member of some secret cult, organisation etc.
There should definetely be more companions and more interesting ones in the final release.
A Mind Flyer companion / a conqueror type evil companion will be nice. Please!
There's a vampire a cleric of Shar and a Githyanki. There are more than enough evil companions, they need some that aren't evil. Hell even one that's actually good would be nice
A Mindflayer infected by a mindflayer tadpole?
Yeah, Other than ^ this obvious point, A Mind Flayer Companion would require mind flayers as a playable option
Really bunch of pretty cuties. Need more stupid thugs, freaky junky wizards and mad gnomes.
Exactly this. I want Montaron and Xzar back!
we need Minsc and Boo back



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They will for Act II.
If we could get Minsc and Boo as companions, I would immediately be thinking "Which one of these idiots should I kick back to camp?"
seeing as they'd be like 150 years old lol
I kinda want companions for like we had in divinity original sin 2 where you just had to go to Sergeant Zrilla to get some companions that won't judge you for everything that comes out of your mouth
Those will be added at launch
I love that it's Early Access and everyone is complaining over the companions they gave us, when they said they gave us the least likely ones we'd use because they wanna see how we treat them xD