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Kinda a joke 5 companions Lols
thats f-in TERRIBLE
this game is getting over-hyped and over-rated by the die hard fan boys
it's.... in early access........ :D
OP yoi are actually a very stupid person. I feel sorry for your parents. Having to raise someone just to watch them turn out like you. What a waste.
Needs more companions. I'm particularly excited to get to know any of the options above. A sentiment I hear being echoed. I was going to buy early access day one on studio and name alone. But if this is the roster, I think Ill just wait for new characters to come out or a sale.
Since the game is early access there's a chance that they'll increase the number of companions in the later chapters. these may just be chapter 1 companions. That being said I only like Astarion so far (from the gameplay I've seen). Hopefully I'll like wyll too but I haven't seen any gameplay of him yet. Shadowheart seems like a total B and I might just have Astarion drink her blood when we meet her. Not sold on gale yet. Lae'zel is kinda weird looking but maybe she'll grow on me once I get to know her.
I really hope they let us create a custom party like in the past games. Other than Astarion I'd sooner have a group of custom characters around that I can roleplay as than these weirdos.
This Game needs more companions, so I can create a full elves only masterrace group and murder every foakin dwarf in this Game.I see.
how do you dismiss party members?
Load the game until they are alive, then talk to the companion and tell them to go away
Where is the hot female human mage companion????? I see a bunch of guys and two girls none of them human, the hell???
She's still in Dragon Age: Origins.
No attractive females in games anymore. They just make them angry and manly now. It got boring a long time ago but still they persist with it.
The companions all seem rather similar as in that they're all selfish and ambitious carrying a deep dark secret. There should at least be like 1 or 2 Good characters to balance that out. They don't have to of the goody two-shoes Human Paladins trope like Keldorn or Ajantis but seriously this game needs more diversity in it's cast.
Actually I wouldnt mind another Anomen character. Makes the replays more fun feeding him to dragons and that.
Both Wyll and Gale seem very good aligned it seems. I wouldn't call either one very selfish judging by what they approve of and disapprove of. Dark secret? Wyll, yes, Asterion, definitely, but we don't know enough about the full cast yet, and we don't have access to enough of the game to really judge them on that. They aren't going to divulge everything to you in the first few days of meeting them, that would be a bit weird.
Thats a thing which i kinda noticed too. Lae'Zal is kinda selfish and very serious. Shadowheart is kinda selfish and serious (just not that harsh), Gale is charming and a bit arrogant aswell as Astarion lol. Very sceptical about Wyll. Cause he is again a human, male mage character. I personally would love to see a Drow and a Tiefling. And something more contradicting like a kind Drow and a very brave and strong Tiefling for example. Just ideas throwin around.

But i personally really like Astarion and Shadowheart and Lae'Zel has big potential to be an intersting character.
Early Acess only has Evil/Neutral characters since most people don't choose those for their main playthrough.
I would like a companion similar to Viconia. Pretty, bad, and the ability to change character to good.
Isn't that basically Shadowheart though? She does seem very much like Viconia actually.
Shadowheart in a nutshell.
There should be at least 1 companion per class. And we need another beefy character. You basically have to have the Githyanki in your party if your PC is squishy
I agree we should have one of each class, but right now the only one missing is Ranger. It's very likely we will be seeing more companions added later, especially as we see the class list expand. We only have 6 classes in the game so far, and there's another 6 that are very likely to make it in the final product.

Are you not familiar with D&D Clerics? They are tanky as ****. Throw Shadowheart in your party and you'll be fine.
I've found all the companions uninteresting so far and annoying. Almost no party banter at all to boot. Hopefully better companions and the addition of party banter changes this in the future as early access progresses.
It’s early access don’t start crying yet
Well his wording might be crying but his criticism is understandable. We have two charming males and two serious (more or less harsh) females so far on top especially the two serious women don't like each other lol. Could be really interesting for banters but i am atm a tad scared there are two many similar stereotypes.

And who on earth thinks its genius to put two male human mages in the same release. They should have put Wyll into the second chapter in my hontest opinion. Or make a human male frontliner or something (if it has to be male and human)