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I just hope we get more companions down the road when we reach Baldurs Gate, noninfected ones. Not to say these guys are bad, I love the fact you can tell them to piss off or downright kill them (both through action and inaction) but then you are left without options in your company build. By the time full release rolls out I hope we get more options.
I know alignments aren't really a thing in BG3, save the reactions from your companions so having at least 3 options to choose from every class would be grand. Not that your standing with them has any real impact on the game right now, you can even romance whoever you want, but constantly seeing my companions disagree with my choices because I'm roleplaying a certain character is annoying.
Good, Neutral and Evil is enough, we don't have to go into Lawful, Neutral / True, Chaotic because I can't even imagine how much work would go into the nuances of programming and writting.
Wishful thinking.
I'm not very happy with the companions so far. I'm dealing with it as it is, but I hope for better companions on the road to Baldur's Gate in future chapters. There is none, with whom I could imagine a romance for my character. Only two females limits the choices for a male player character anyway. Lae is ugly and I feel no sympathy for her. Shadowheart isn't very attractive for a half elf and looks rather mediocre. Additionaly she's difficult to manage and doesn't really fit into my playstyle, being a human fighter/mystic knight subclass with noble background, so that he isn't just a brutish warrior, but can also be eloquent, convince people and has got some knowledge. But I'm usually not avoiding fights against monsters - f.e. in blighted village, talking with goblins and avoiding a fight, makes no sense for me in a DD game. Shadowheart gets on my nerves with her secret-mongering and non-confrontional ways, I know being a priestress of Shar and such - maybe even unwillingly, but still, I don't warm up to her. I really hope for better companions in the future.
"only two females limits the choices for male players" XD welcome to the world of female gamers it sucks here
imagine writing this unironically
I am hoping like the other Baldur's gate games they will have a vast array of companions and give you quite a few options for romance. Baldur's Gate usually has a lot of different companions and the fact this one gives you a camp for them to hang at and switch out at, it makes a large cast even easier. Sure it will cost more money having voice actors for each character and the design of them but it is worth it for a true DND game. You should have a lot of options even in your companions.