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PPl really been missing that big fing sign at the beginning saying early acces? You really thought you were going to get the full game this early?

More are coming.
then i hope they won't be going the divinity 2 route because they only had the companions they had on the promotional material (Except the skelly dude they added later)
level 2, chapter 1, its just too early to be making choices for companions.
Oh and why is capped at 3 ? why not 6 ??? you can just add minions to the combat... :)
I really think we need another female companion, soo everything will be balanced. Like all things should be...
Yorkshire gold approved
Play a female. Boom. 3 for 3.
I really wish they hadn't put 2 Human mages in our party. Kinda bland and redundant.
I hate that the only slightly less human looking companion is an obnoxious gith. would've liked a bit more unique companions
Hate the companions. They seem all pulled directly from the 90s. The Vampire, the Evil Cleric, The Badass Female, The Loner, The Crazy Wizard. Where are the heroes? Where are the good guys? Why don't we have the option to build a good aligned party?
This is early access, and in a previous early access for another game Larion didn't get enough info on how to build the Evil route because everyone went the good route. By only giving us access to the Evil/neutral companions in the early access, they make it more likely that they'll get a good bit of data on the evil route. There will likely be more followers in future builds of the game.
Wyll and Gale are good aligned, Astariom and La'zael are evil and then shadowheart seems neutrL
Why would you like a team of SUPERHEROS? All just and righteous? Boring. And they are not even evil...the "evil" cleric will approve you do good things and ask you to spare the enemy and the "loner" & wizard approves when you are protecting people. And the vampire will apology for sucking your blood and even only sucks blood from animals! They are outrageously good people already.
Will and Gale are good. I have to agree all are kinda meh compared to D:OS2 tough, specially red prince and Fane, love those 2.
So apparently we are only getting one more perma companion. No word if it's Male or female.
gale and wyll is the best so far
I'm not in love with any of them. All are serviceable, but D:OS2 seems to have a much better lineup of companions. Gale is the only one I'm actually into for now.
What a bunch of wingy whiner babies. Based on the events, these are you companions, deal with it... get over your selves!
what a wingy whiner baby. Based on how human brain works, these are the **** that's happening in the internet, deal with it.
Sorry I don't want to play with boring *** edge-lord tropes for an 80+ hour game. Forgive me oh enlightened one!