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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can you backstab these things? Not mentioned on this page.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
I don’t think so. Just take them on from ranged, or if you must, then try to bait their attacks from melee. Good luck
By Anonymous
Why nobody mentioned they drop these stones? You can farm them this way!i killed 2 of them both of them dropped the stones!
By Anonymous
These guys are a handful
By Anonymous
These bastards can go f*ck right off. Trying to fight them in the Swamp of Sorrows (especially in the PS3 version) is an absolute nightmare.
By Anonymous
These f***ing re***ds can go f*** themselves, for all I f***ing care!!! F*** you to death, f***ing Bluepoint!!!
By Anonymous
They're in the original too moron
By Anonymous
honestly think these are the toughest enemies in the game, mostly due to their placements.
By Anonymous
The page for Pure Faintstone says it can be obtained from these guys, but it doesn’t appear on the loot table.

Also, if you use Cloak or a Thief’s Ring, you can run past them. You will have to kill the two small deprived on the bridge without aggroing the second one though and then dash for the boss room.
By Anonymous
Who writes these articles? The way its written is very annoying and no offense but seems like it was written by a scrub.
I want actual tips and info not garbage strats.