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By Anonymous
I started the game and the gear, but I can't seem to find the gear, could anyone tell me how to equip the gear, it doesn't appear in my inventory.
By Zimbu
The items are added to your inventory immediately after creating your character. You should see a notice appear on the right side of the screen. They can be equipped as soon as you're able to access your inventory screen. The hat is not equipable until you've exited the starting area into the city streets after the first cutscene with your mother. Just pick the inventory slot and replace the starting gear with the DLC gear.
By Anonymous
Can you upgrade the armor and weapons. They look cool but if you can't is it worth getting it?
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By PaulRein
No, the bonus equipment cannot be upgraded. They are meant to give you a leg up early on in the game but the armor and weapons will be superseded by the equipment you find and/or upgrade relatively quickly. (They might still be useful to some of your companions, though.)

However, do keep the hat and the gloves around, the bonuses to those talents are very useful. Chest armour can be crafted to provide +1 in Vigor, Science, or Lockpicking, and cloaks provide +1 Charisma. The hat and the gloves effectively provide the two "missing" talent bonuses.

As an aside, it is fairly easy to get Kurt (+1 Craftmanship) and Vasco (+1 Intuition) friendly with you so, with the hat and gloves, you effectively can get Craftmanship 3 and Intuition 3 with just one talent point in each!
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if I can PAY to upgrade the PS Plus version to PS5? Quality internet search engines are a thing of the past. It's a simple question, but it isn't answered because the search engines believe that I want a free upgrade, even when I type in -free -psplus etc.