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I will use it a lot in Demon's souls remaster.
Its not just dropped by Baby Nail NPC its dropped by the FIRST Black Phanton NPC you kill. Can verify via NPCs in world 2-2 with the two Black Phantoms in the tunnels.
I've killed one today in 1-2 and he didn't drop the black eye stone. I didn't have defeated the Tower Knight when the phantom invaded. You know what could have happened?



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they have to be named npcs I think
I need one invasion kill for platinum and I’m not a pvper anyone want to help me out with this?
sure man
Do you still need help?
The black phantoms at 2-2 fell to their death. Do you think the eye will drop again?
The Aldrich idiots probably hate the fact you can’t attack other reds
I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to make a specific low-level build to invade with only to find out that the black phantoms in 2-2 dropped the stone down the shaft... guess I’m going to have to brave through into NG+...
I guess I got lucky or something. Mine also fell down the elevator shaft, but I quit out promptly.- It was an attempt to respawn the item at the NPC's original location, which didn't work. However when I was going through 3-1 the black phantom there dropped the stone for me.
I hate the fact invades can ruin someone's trophy run. This is the last trophy I need for platinum. If someone is willing to help me I would be very grateful. I am soul level 123 and can offer any rings in return. PSN ID Jonah_Heston
I got help from someone. But since they patched out password invades via the black eye stone, my advice for people in a similar situation is to get the red eye stone. You need to be on the same server as the other person, but it ignores level restrictions.
Need help with the invasion kill for the trophy PSN: xSlayerAE
Hi there, Did you get it? Willing to help if you haven't. I also need it. Cheers. psn: dweemis
Get good? It's one of the easiest achievements in the game
Looking for someone to help with trophy. Will help in return. Cheers. psn: dweemis
Done! Thanks