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By Nikosan
Guide for Altus says

Entering from Ruin-Strewn Precipice is better as you can obtain several crafting materials, including a Dragon Heart and Golden Seed within it. You will head up to the plateau from Magma Wyrm Site of grace and can pick up the Ruler's Set shortly after.
You are now at the Abandoned Coffin site of grace

It doesn't say HOW to get to ruin-strewn precipice, doesn't even mention anything about Magma Wyrm Makar, it's like someone forgot about the whole thing. It wasn't even traumatizing...
By Anonymous
I don't know if this is common knowledge now, but the hardcover collectors edition strategy guide for elden ring is now available to order, either direct from namco bandai or amazon. its in two parts, which is a first but not surprising given the size of elden ring compared to previous From Software games. it is a bit spendy though, each part is £35 from amazon in the uk part one is either end of june or july, part two I think is september. I've ordered mine regardless of price, the guides for the dark souls games and bloodborne are the nicest I've seen for any game, very high quality.
By cin1215
They are 40% off on Amazon right now, for $29.99 USD with a ship date of July 29 for volume one. Wish it would come sooner, but this website has been everything I could need and then some.
By Anonymous
When in this guide are we supposed to go to Deep Siofra Well? Im not seeing it anywhere and it seems like a big place to skip over with an important Talisman, "Great-jar Arsenal."
By Anonymous
They touched on it while you’re supposed to meet Blaidd for the first time. In the Stormhill section I think?
By Anonymous
How are you going to call this a 100% guide when it doesn't include 100% of the locations, catacombs, item pickups, etc.?
By Anonymous
Do you computer much?
By Anonymous
So if i follow this walkthrough am i automatically do all npc side quest? Or am i must read the separate guide for that?
By Anonymous
You have to read all the individual NPC pages to not miss anything. It's kind of bad actually.. Also you have to use the map to make sure you cleared everything before killing the area boss. If you strictly follow this guide you'll miss an NPC invader in Limgrave as well.
By Anonymous
Do yourself a favour and read the wiki page for each NPC quest carefully, make sure you understand the steps you need to follow to complete the quests you are interested in. I pis*ed on my corn flakes with Rogier's quest by talking to Ranni as soon as I got access to Ranni's rise after killing Loretta at caria manor, I agreed to enter her service before Rogier had spoken to me about her involvement in the night of the black knives, and before he told me to serve her. now I'm locked out of what looks like the most interesting quest in the whole game lore wise, I'm really not happy I didn't make sure I knew exactly what steps to follow for that quest.
By Anonymous
Thanks to the people who put together the guide, I appreciate it. I followed it to a T, and I'm at 98% completion, and can't find out what I'm missing. Some crook decided to lock the checklist to go along with the guide progression behind a paywall, and there's no way I'm paying for a checklist.
By Anonymous
"e Patches, a veteran From Softwater character"

whats a softwater?
By Anonymous
Love it
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