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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
who's listening to this in 2021?
By Anonymous
anyone know where does the scream come from when you stand near the church of elleh at nighttime?
By Anonymous
Sitting on the wall, when you go to the left from checkpoint, face to entrace.
By Anonymous
Look up. It seems that it comes from those bodies hanging from the crosses. Only happens at night too.
By Anonymous
Which game is this for?
By Anonymous
I believe it's GTA 5
By Anonymous
Horizon Forbidden West, duh
By Anonymous
Super Mario 64, if I'm not wrong....
By Anonymous
Battletoads 2
By Anonymous
Battletoads 2
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Soaire I'm ready
By Anonymous
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By diogocnb
Please correct this: the two Spirit Jellyfish only appear at night.
By Anonymous
Where is the section for storm hill and the rest of the area? Or is this a work in progress?
Definitely a WIP as the game only dropped yesterday.
By Anonymous
wondering the same thing.. just kind of skips to "COOL now you've beaten Margit"
By meekins
hi when is the next part of walkthrough coming
By Anonymous
hi when is the next part of the walkthrough updated as i have finnished it to that point cheers
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