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You will enter the dlc through the cocoon in mohg's arena. (I think)
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By Anonymous
You never know, they could put it in a Artorias of The Abyss style portal in the empty rooms at the end of StormVeil Castle.
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Surely the entrance to the dlc will be the door way in the Haligtree that's left a jar with a light shining through behind the tree avatar at the inner wall site of grace. You'll probably have to find the broken pendent in Mohgwyn Palace, go back to Elphael doorway whereby Miquella will pull you through the door into his dream and fight a guardian beast before progressing into the nightmare.
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*triggers Hunter ptsd*
By Anonymous
I've always been suspicious of that slightly ajar door in Elphael as well. That golden light streaming through it is not sunlight from what I can tell. I think a potential boss in the DLC will be the Prince of Death in Deep Root Depths.
By Anonymous
I want the Guardian Golem armor like the Stone Golem armour in Artoris of the Abyss dlc. I want to fat roll and move slow and be weak to crystal darts, and have more faith scaling weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
Maybe FromSoftware will release a new DLC Trailer in the upcoming Summer Game Fest? It would be a world premiere...
By Anonymous
I live in constant fear of them putting the entrance to the dlc in Leyndell and making it missable by finishing Faram Azula
By Anonymous
why would you say that you just jinxed us
By Anonymous
I didn't even thought about that. Damn that would suck..
By Anonymous
Games that have good expansions that Elden Ring players would love:
Dragons Dogma (Dark Arisen DLC)
Soul Sacrifice (Delta DLC)

Can anyone else think of a rpg game with DLC that changed the entire game, and gave it another games worth of content?
By Anonymous
The expansions for guild wars 1. New continents with brand new standalone stories.
By Anonymous
Both Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter: Rise had DLCs that doubled, if not tripled, the length of the game. In Rise’s case, they even added ridiculous gimmicks to armor sets, like boosted power while your character slips and slides everywhere, or forcing yourself into a blood rush for a while with the Frenzy status. Most certainly good games to try out, with Rise being the newest. (And don’t be discouraged if you aren’t good at the game. Neither are the rest of us!)
By Anonymous
man soul sacrifice was my ****
By Anonymous
I want the artbook and the helm is cool af too.. I never buy stuff like this but I appreciate the way this game was developed SO MUCH. We really have to patronize these S-Tier developers or else EA and such will keep getting away with murder
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Hope they will nerf the mohgwyn's palace albinauric farm spot in dlc.
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why do u hate fun
By Anonymous
Too late bro, I'm already max level
By Anonymous
Burn in H E L L!!!
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By nxlcis
If you look in the game files (SpEffectParam in Regulation.bin), there are parameters for Area Scaling from Tier 1 to Tier 29, with each tier representing an area in the game (sometimes two areas) and increasing the attack power of enemies as well as incnreasing their health, defense, and resistances.

Interestingly, Tier 14 to Tier 21 are unused, and their ID values place them after the content of the original game, possibly indicating they are for the new areas in the DLC. If this is correct, future DLC will include a minimum of seven new areas to explore, and based on the difficulty scaling, would place them after Volcano Manor + North Caelid and before Leyndell Sewers (Subterranean Shunning-Grounds).

This might also indicate at what point in a playthrough the new areas would become accessible.
By Anonymous
cheers 4 the info m8
By Anonymous
When you say 7 new areas can you expand a bit? what level? is limgrave an area? 7 limgraves or 7 volcano manors?
By Anonymous
What the 17 July anon above said.
Are the areas basically the different lists of site of graces that we see in the map by pressing Y.
By Anonymous
I hope they bring the Murakumo and the Dark Wood Grain Ring back. I want to make that flipping moves again!
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