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By Anonymous
maybe one of the dlcs could be the ability to swim like in sekiro with new areas, where you can find a sunken city or something...
By Anonymous
please dont
By Anonymous
Please do
By Anonymous
The developers are watching!
By Anonymous
Great idea! This is something that I would pay for
By Anonymous
thalassophobia, pls no
By jhc24
Wonder how magic would be affected underwater
By Anonymous
I would like a desert dlc, I think it would be an interesting locale with enemies to match. Imagine sand worms that can grab you and bring you down into a cave system. A unique boss lies at the end carrying a special scimitar or possibly the ability to summon a group of human sized sand worms to help in battle.
By Anonymous
But elden ring arealdy have a desert(and it's pretty big), it's named as ''badlands''
By Anonymous
Awesome Idea! Love it! New Desert Skin for Torrent then pls!!!
By Anonymous
did you even play the game?
By Anonymous
next time play the game and the ask
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Someone played too much subnautica lol
By Anonymous
Multiverse is the popular thing at the moment , how about you step threw a paid dlc portal and it could take you to any of the dark souls games or bloodborne? An excluisive new area to each of those worlds
By Anonymous
thank god this isn't marvel pegi 3+
By Anonymous
thank god this is not marvel pegi 3+ world
By Anonymous
that would be pure fan service lol but the game is already full of those
By Anonymous
Why does this comment smell like soy and funkopops?
By Anonymous
Pls i want original thing not this crap
By Anonymous
yikes, just destroy the atmosphere of the entire game lol
By Anonymous
Multiverse crossover dlc

"Hey you. You're finally awake"
By DemonicBone
The amount of people who have given this a thumbs down is a clear indication that this is an absolutely terrible idea and would be the only downfall of an already amazing game....
By Anonymous
If not for the terrible idea, this would be getting a thumbs down for "step threw" alone
By Anonymous
This is not mcu you marvel stan. be quiet
By Anonymous
pre-ordered the launch edition. im so excited i cant wait!!!
By Anonymous
make the new DLC Land of REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeds :^) i will throw my wallet at you fromsoft
By Anonymous
not funny next time say something that it's interesting and not just random ****
By Anonymous
land of reeds DLC would be super sick.
By Anonymous
land of reeds! land of reeds! land of reeds!
By Anonymous
The dlc areas are probably gonna be as big as limgrave, and i bet the game is gonna get 3 DLCs considering the Amount of sales
By Anonymous
I dont think there will be 3 DLC. Probably 2 or maybe just 1. But i bet the DLCs will have more than one area and it probably will be bigger than limgrave and it will probably have a lot of content. But who knows, only time will tell.
By Anonymous
Yeah, I don't think sales actually determine how many DLC a game gets.

Skyrim only had two story DLC, And only one was a landmass.
By Anonymous
I have the premium collector’s edition. There were no art cards, woven patch, stickers or poster. The Bandi Namco store doesn’t say it comes with those things either. FYI
By DemzioN
I would honestly enjoy some sort of armor or cosmetics for Torrent in a DLC tbh, I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I think it'd be cool.
By Anonymous
Yeah like the alternative clothings for the one armed wolf
By Anonymous
*Flashbacks to Oblivion's 5 Dollar horse Armor DLC*

But yeah, it would be super cool.
By Anonymous
horse armor dlc... we truly have come full circle
By Anonymous
I bet we will get that.

I was surprised there wasn't alternate skins for Torrent in the base game.
By Anonymous
The next DLC will be called "The Elden Ringed City"
By Anonymous
Nah... it should be Painted World of Ash then The Elden Ringed City
By Anonymous
how original you stupid
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