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By Anonymous
Good alternative in case you want to move quickly but without losing defenses. With a good "tower" type shield, they can probably finish the game without problems. For some time, I was using the Titan set, leaving aside the possibility of rolling (due to its great weight and the investment in endurance points that I hardly managed to equip the set with). When changing my gear from lvl4 (Titan) to lvl3 (Split) I thought it would become more fragile, but upon discovering that, I can supply this failure with a good shield (hopefully the "tower" type) it compensates too much (I am using Iron Rampart ). Best of all, by farming "A Soldier's Poem / A Lord's Orders" they will get the set and even have to sell the repeated parts. Sorry for my English as a translator, good luck.
By Anonymous
I found that the mask, for some reason, gives 3 endurance. Idk why, but its makes this mask very light (only 1.9)