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going to be fun with leech ember and daredevil's charm for a naked melee run.


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May not be viable in higher difficulties, as you can get one shot by some random ****.
Does the ring only work with Bare fists?
That is literally what unarmed means
I've done everything right to get this ring, followed the instructions to the letter. But when I rest at a checkpoint after poisoning the soup, nothing happens. The door stays locked and the Elf is still just sitting there.
a bit late i know but you have to leave the area aka go back to the ward then return to last checkpoint
Go to a checkpoint on a different section of the adventure
Sounds like a great idea to hide a ring that would buff the most basic attack in the game in Corsus and make it nearly impossible to get since you need two people to be in your map and that hardly ever happens.
Lel got it on 2nd adventure run. both was in 1 location ( dungeong with queen was in front of elf)
Dumbass Remnant Design at its finest. Luckily there is not a better ring, that also buffs unarmed melee.
The really underrated part of this ring is the flop damage. The flop amp is multiplicative with % melee damage when using Leto's armor. With a fully upgraded Leto's set and with Heart of Darkness and Stone of Balance equipped, the flop can hit a base damage of more than 2800 damage. This damage is further upgraded by Song of Swords and the Elder armor buff. The flop can hit for more than 3500 damage with all buffs applied.
EDIT: Ring of the Unclean was nerfed in todays patch. The damage has been reduced about 50%
Leto armor now has a bug, the damage is sixfold, it will be fixed.
I believe the update changed it to 3x unarmed and 6x for flop damage.
flop is x4
And the flop got nerfed to hell, no more belly flops of 6k dmg with the four finger ring. It was fun, but broken as hell.
August 26 patch notes : Ring of the Unclean now causes unarmed Melee attacks to deal x3 damage and Flops deal x4 damage.
FLOP got NERFED !!!!
It sucks but to be fair it was a touch broken to flop on a boss and take a quarter of their health
Holy cow, how the heck do I know when I have both Queen Iskal and Graveyard Elf in the same map? Is it Iskal Sanctum I need? Are there any clues as to when I've found the right map without having to explore the whole dang place first?