By Anonymous
Spamming that f-ing nullify physical damage thing and my onmyo does such little damage/is too slow/not enough charges to be viable. Don't want to have to revisit the fight after getting further through the game... maybe I'm just missing something?
By Anonymous
It's supposed to be online mission, so why we have to solo him? Isn't it intended to be coop mission?
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By Fallenangel700
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Online likely refers to how the mission was patched after release and isn't in the base game.
By Anonymous
never have i ever fought against a boss thats unenjoyable as this one
By Anonymous
I know, right? The guy has unlimited resources and keeps throwing them at you. The other thing that bothers me is he kills you, but when you finally defeat him he is merely breathing hard and says "Good job!" It would have been so much nicer to just kill him.
By Anonymous
Never have i ever fought against a boss as ****ing unenjoyable as this one
By Anonymous
OMG......I really hate this low-class boss. He constantly uses magic to bombard you with fire and water...then if he defeat you, he points his Odachi at you like he used it. I I can go toe to toe with that THANG, using MY Odachi, but when he starts using Water and Fire Shot and Talismans, I am finished. I have no idea how many time I have been defeated by this guy and from what I read, many people have quit playing NIoh 2, because of this one Mission.
By Anonymous
One of those missions when you just choose to go fap to p0rn.
By Anonymous
This cheap, spamming, motherf***er is a pain to fight.
By Anonymous
Dream of the Wise makes him nearly unkillable. With the wise buff on him he gets increased movement speed, a ridiculous amount of ki, a criminal amount of ki recovery (even while guarding), health up the wazoo, does more ki damage against you, and to top it all off he GAINS HEALTH FOR EVERY BIT OF DAMAGE HE DOES TO YOU! He was broken before but this is as close to an unbeatable boss as it can get. I mean I got him down to half health then he starts doing the quick buff/fake out move where he steps back and if your close enough he does either a super fast water grapple or a triple fire slash wave (both unbelievable quick and hard to counter), or if you are far enough he does an instant buff where he gains the Protection effect, making him literally immune to damage for up to a full minute. It can't be expressed how bad this boss is.
By Anonymous
Seeing a LOT of people in the comments who run melee seeming to have trouble with this guy. Well, rest assured, as a pure onmyo caster build, he's practically untouchable. I'd long since be out of brushes before I'd get him down.