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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Where to find/location is incorrect iirc, it cannot be sold by merchants because it requires quest items
Where exactly do I find Leandra's spell? I've come to her study and I can't find it?
In the mines when going through the green portals it is in the study on one of the desks. it looks like a piece of paper instead of a scroll
Was on my HC playthrough with lonewolf on and apparently my party died to something random. I opened a chest and shortly after trying to identify an item, my character turned into ashes. I tried to revive my ash fallen character, but my other character turned into ashes shortly after. I'm thinking I spent a little too much time in the volcanic area trying to get to the spell or without heading through a portal. There weren't any damage numbers or anything, they all just started to go up in ashes. So if you're traversing this place i'd recommend going through it quickly.
This doesn't remove the "galvanized" status of watcher statues despite many online guides saying otherwise, this is on EE, so in classic it might still work.