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By Anonymous
So I SOMEHOW beat this bastard and got all the rewards I was wanting (the weapons, blood veils and alt outfits) and one method I haven’t seen anyone mention is one that was a life saver for me.

Make sure you have a blood ogre veil, the one you earn from doing 20k damage in one strike that’s super resistant to lightning and stun is maybe the best one, but the blood ogre veil has the quick parry you NEED for this method.

When he does one of his quick swipe attacks, parry him, which will not only knock off whatever level of light he’s currently at (red becomes purple, purple becomes blue, blue knocks him back to normal) but it will also stun him for long enough that you can SAFELY bust out one of the heavy strikes that costs ichor, hit him for a decent chunk of damage, then run away before he can hit you.

Yes, this IS in fact way easier said than done, but once you’re able to get his patterns down and can start consistently parrying him, it is a LIFESAVER. Happy hunting Revenants.
By Anonymous
man i love bosses that just spam moves without leaving a single opportunity to attack unless you run a very specific boring meta build

or better yet, bosses that kill me on accident when they are not even targeting me because their attacks just cover everything in a 5 mile radius around them
By Anonymous
so uh... whens my turn to attack?
By Anonymous
You gotta love that he can instantly do an untelegraphed 360 wing spin attack with wide range and high damage twice back to back
By Anonymous
The only thing better than the horrible camera that stayed permanently glued to his wings in this fight was his instantaneous jumping slash with no tell he keeps spamming.
By Anonymous
I had a much easier time w thunder resist gear, esp the thunder resist dlc armor transformed to resist even more thunder. Plus thunder defense skill. Some of its thunder attack was just reduced to like 300 plus only. It seems to be better to roll into it to get it to stop its quick combo. Once you are under it or near it’s back, it will have to reposition itself. It is quite fast and can easily cancel heals if it is combo attacking you.
By Anonymous
Would like to add that it’s ultimate attack, where it runs in circles while shooting thunder from its body and also throwing puddles of thunder everywhere can be dealt with by moving to the edge and just rolling through it every time it passes. It is so fast, it spends few frames only when it meets you. Seems fairly easy to iframe through.
By Anonymous
Information about the color is wrong. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with ranged vs melee. Seems to be a power up that increases speed and probably damage. Starting from None>Purple>Blue>Red. Knocking him down does reset it back to none, though maybe phase 2 is a bit different (might only reduce to purple there).
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By SGT-SuperGames
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Updated stat table with pertinent resists as of 11/5/2020:

Ice: -30%
Pierce: 0%
Slash: 10%
Crush: 10%
By Anonymous
True weakness:Zweihander turtle.