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Just for the record, I don’t think this is the Hattori Hanzō you meet in Nioh 1. Two reasons, firstly the his age (though that doesn’t Honda appeared), secondly and with two parts while running away and meeting him in the woods he mentioned that his Nekomata likes you and then later on the prison island he says that his son claims to be unable to see Nekomata. In the first Nioh Hanzō can’t see Nekomata. It’s more likely that this is his father who you eventually meet in the baths in Nioh 1.
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I tend to believe the same, since he's fighting with a spear (just like the frog, which calls Nioh 1's Hanzo 'son')
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Agreed on all accounts. There's also a mission in the last chapter that's given to you by Nioh 1's Hanzo, and he says that you fought with his father.
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In Nioh 1 Hanzo says his dad is the giant toad boss, so I'm guessing Nioh 2 Hanzo later dabbled in sage mode like Naruto and became a toad.
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lol why would there be 2 hattori hanzo bruh?
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The Hattori Hanzo in this game is indeed the Father of the one in Nioh 1, up until the Afterglow chapter(which takes place in 1616). That name is more of a title than an actual name, meaning that the bloodline of Iga shinobi carries itself in about as much secret as the ninja themselves. There have been several Hattori Hanzos throughout history, all belonging to the same clan.
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Lol read the entry it's right here in the wiki too ""
Hattori Hanzo, whose real name is Masanari, is a ninja who serves the Tokugawa clan as a retainer. The name Hanzo is one that is passed down the generations to the leader of the Iga clan.
His name Masanari, when you become iga leader they call you hanzo
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Wow... to whoever made this ugly piece of garbage utterly vapid in character and a complete cheat in every regard with unlimited jutsu trash and near teleportation... you can go get your neck stepped on until it breaks in two.