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By Anonymous
So cute UwU~
By Anonymous
At the Adjudicator archstone, the location seem incorrect,,, Get it by climbing a path Along the mountain up to the left after the katana fellow. No drops...
By Anonymous
What changes with its upgrades ?
By Anonymous
The damage scaling. You dont see it a lot on many of the colorless demon soul upgrades, but the majority of them keep their flat damage number and simply increase scaling damage.

So this one boosts its dex scaling with upgrades.
By Anonymous
Wow, this bow sucks! I have a quality compound longbow +5 and it's immensely better than the white bow +5!
By Anonymous
Yep this bow is dog sh!t.
By Anonymous
R2 - Shoot arrow
By Anonymous
Try pressing back and r2 at the same time while holding any bow, a very awesome and overpowered attack will come out.