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By Anonymous
Bonus THICCness
By Anonymous
You forgot to put quotation marks around it with who quoted it so I will do it for you.

"Bonus THICCness" - Said every basement virgin ever.
By Anonymous
To be fair, that male hair do be thicc tho. Shame there's no slots.

To be unfair, snarkily quoting something is still, by technicality, defined as saying that thing, so... Kindof in the same boat there, champ.
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By Grim_Reaper
On males it's a real upgrade, almost angelic or elven like, but I will think twice to let my female character wear that "big momma" outfit...
By Anonymous
It's not even hot. It's just kinda stupid.
By Anonymous
only ps player can have this armor set ? how about pc ?
By Anonymous
PC can have this set. Just do the Kulve Hunt.