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After playing ds3 and then revisiting this game I just realized that karla's set is almost exactly the same set that yuria wears
I can't get it to go down either, someone else suggested wearing the full set but I can't find the chestpiece
Is anyone else having trouble getting the fat official to lower the stairs in the remake? I have the official's cap but no matter how long I wait or try he won't lower it.
I think you need the entire fat official armor set :(
I just tried it with the full set and it still didn't work.
You do actually need the full fat official set. I tried it without the gauntlets which is why it didn't work.



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Remake conditions added to the page. Feel free to edit if you find more differences!
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Best girl
Tried rescuing her in the remake and only equipped the hat on, because that's how it was in the original. I was so confused as to why it wasn't working lol
I've rescued her, removed the official's gear and made sure I had the boss souls. For some reason her spell list is empty. I've seen her list on my other character. So what am I doing wrong?
Answered my own question. So for those of you who make for yuria as soon as possible... it turns out you need to kill certain bosses for her spells to appear. So for me in order for ignite to appear I had to kill the flamelurker even though I had hard demon's soul.
flamelurker soul is only used for ascension. but yea, you need to kill the boss and if there is a spell that can be learnt by that boss soul, it will appear in the list
Best waifu
Btw her clothes look hilarious in the remake, i can't even complain, i just lol when i see it
While the art here is beautiful, it might be more helpful to have an in-game picture of the actual npc?