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birds can spawn on the moths
I recently had 2 of those flying things with birds on their backs
Can 100% confirm that it is not a guaranteed spawn in area 12; they have not spawned 3 attempts in a row.
For context I Mean the Downy Crakes


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It's only one of the Grandfather Mantagrells that will have the downy crakes on his back, not everyone. So you need to get down the correct Grandfather Mantagrell. If you go up in area 12 you'll have a better view on the mantagrells and see which one has the downy crakes.

The downy crakes are 100% guaranteed spawn BUT it's not free, need to have a bit of patience with the Grandfather Mantagrells.
Can confirm they're right. It's a very high spawn rate but I've had runs where absolutely none will have them on their backs, without shooting any down, and waiting long enough to watch them all circle.