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If you use greatshields you are basically playing easy mode. Ruins the Dark Souls experience.
Imagine being this stupid
Looks like someone lost in pvp against a person with a Greatshield
Sorcery is easy mode. Parrying is easy mode. Smithing your weapon is easy mode. Leveling up your character is easy mode. Learning the boss's moveset is easy mode. Everything is easy mode!



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It's almost like you dont have to use it! Think about that before you start saying sh** on a wiki.
What a ****ing dumbass you play as assasin right? Yeah yeah i know that,having a greatshield that wheights 20 KG or more and cant let you parry and you have to use Havel's ring or ring of favor and protection or maybe both just to have a good great shield plus a good armor so yeah,now you have only one ring slot or none for the other rings and you need to get endurance to 40 so you have to farm for that,after all this i dont think greatshields are godlike OP,if you think that greatshields make the game easy the do a no hit no bonfire run you idiot
Shields engender passivity, but you engender stupidity.
I'm realy need help here, i'm just confused witch greatshield i should use, should i use Greatshield of Artorias? Havel's Greatshield? Stone Greatshield? Giant Shield? Tower Shield? Eagle Shield?
Please i need help for these questions.
dont use havel, you'll go to parry and activate its stupid rock move that makes you slow as heck, just dont greatshield, BKS is much better
I'd say Artorias' shield is universally good. Relatively low requirement, highest base stability and arguably better ability than Havel.