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Do I need to be in ng+ to farm the smithing texts or can I just farm ng?
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Where can i find the Divine version of this Katana ? Or the Smithing Text for Bizen Kageyasu ?
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same guy that drops the armor smithing text drops the sword
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The stat requirements for this are wrong. It's 14 constitution and 16 skill. That's a big difference.
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If you forge gear their stat requirements are halved. You must have picked up the set and it's requirements are 14 and 16. But yes they should put a distinction on this wiki
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This wiki should just stay away from anything outside of fromsoft games as the info is wrong and sub par at best and there is clearly a bias as the operators can't handle any game outside of mindless R1 spam
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For this set without smithing text it is 14 con and 16 skill as the guy below my post said.

But once the smithing text is provided to the smithy it is 7 con and 8 skill.

And the weapon is farmed from the same guy in the dojo it just drops seperately from the attire set. And another thing, they dont even have a link to this set just the dual sword version.

And it can be farmed in NG no need for any NG+s. Can be farmed in The way of the Warrior: Adept, and the next one later on as long as it is from Tsukahara Bokuden.